GIAN has advanced manufacturing technology. There are two factory sites in mainland China, which are Changzhou site(construction area of 65,000 square meters)and Dongguan site(construction area of 20,000 square meters),both sites have the most advanced continual sintering furnaces equipment in world and post processing equipment.

  • Feedstock manufacturing
    Feedstock manufacturing

    Gian has the competence to use dedicated device for MIM raw materials mix production. We can accurately mix batch powder and binder under controlled environment, and then maintain high quality and flexibility.

  • Molding

    We use the most advanced and sophisticated injection equipment in the market. We believe that we can realize higher performance and production quality by using machine debugged by technicians. Gian updates injection equipments and achieve automation production.

  • Debinding and sintering
    Debinding and sintering

    Before sintering, Gian utilize a special debinding technology to remove binder, which is an environment friendly process and easy to monitor. Sintering process keeps running under the vacuum or high temperature. We can precisely control various alloy by using different gas. Our continual sintering furnaces can meet customers’ demand in the aspect of high productivity and efficiency.

  • Measurement and laboratory
    Measurement and laboratory

    Gian has a modern and well-equipped metering department. Our acquired superior devices, like visual inspection system,3D coordinate measuring machine, scanner and special instruments for arc, surface roughness, laser particle and metallographic, etc. Laboratory is responsible for the maintenance and calibration of all measuring instruments and frequently used measuring tools.