About GIAN


Jiangsu Gian Technology Co, Ltd is a professional MIM solution provider, which was established in 2004. It could produce a large quantity of metal structural, functional and cosmetic parts in high precision, complex shape, good performance and delicate appearance. Besides, Gian is capable to develop ceramic and titanium alloy, to satisfy different customers' demand. Gian made heavy investment in furnaces, now Gian has both Japanese Shimazu vacuum furnace and German continual sintering furnaces. Gian equips with professional technical and marketing team, devoting to providing good solutions and high-class service for customers.


Gian established CNC department in 2016, not only serve our own MIM production, but also take orders independently. CNC department equipped with 300 sets of CNC machines, and the majority of device is FANUC. We will send professional programmer and relevant team to provide CNC processing for customers.

16341985167786909.jpgGian transmission Business Unit is a subsidiary of Gian Tech Group, which started up in 2019,specializing in the hinge and transmission solutions for consumer electronic products; performing well in many projects, our product portfolio includes hinge for TWS ear buds charge box &. folding screen mobile phone , camera pop-up lifting system, charging lock actuator for electric vehicle, intelligent home electric transmission system and electric transmission system of medical facility, etc. With continuous investment in advanced equipment, e.g. Hinge force/rotation angle tester, life test equipment, and sound test room, etc, we have the reliability and performance test capability and quality management system in house.

The Bu of Thermal Management was established in 2019, mainly engaged in the design,development and production of normal heat pipes and modules, ultra-thin mobile phone heat pipes, ultra-thin Vapor Chambers etc. and is committed to provide customers with one-stop procurement services. Our main engineering and technical personnel of the department are from Taiwan and have more than 15 years of rich experience in the research and development and production of heat dissipation products, with senior research and development and production capacity. The bu is equipped with high-precision production equipment and highly automated integration to bring high-quality products and achieve better user experience. Based on all of these, we can provide customers with the overall heat dissipation system solutions. Now our core technology of heat dissipation are following: capillary structure (powder printing capillary to improve the thermal capacity), heat pipe thickness / flat head heat pipe (lightweight trend of mobile phone), stainless steel VC (integration of stainless steel VC and middle frame).

14571442746210096.jpgGuangdong Gian Technology Development Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Gian, which started up in 2016. Guangdong Gian epecially provides the R&D of vacuum ion plating film device and other service, including vacuum coating, precise parts manufacturing. Handling with decorations and lectro-optical equipment is one of our services. Guangdong Gian also sell mechanical equipment, electronic products, metal or plastic and some metal targets.

Guangdong Gian is committed to provide PVD vacuum coating in a good performance and delicate appearance. It has strong manufacturing and dealing capacity in the aspect of metal surface processing. Business includes MIM process, PVD, vacuum coating, laser, welding, sandblasting, wire drawing, anti-fingerprint treatment, surface grinding, and so on. Related materials include ferrous and stainless steel structures.


In recent years, For further exploring overseas potential markets and customers in America, Korea and others, Gian has established Gian (Hong Kong) Technology Development Co., Limited,GIAN TECH. AMERICA,INC,Gian Korea office and Gian German office, actively seeking for business opportunities and laying good foundation for further deepening overseas market.

Gian acquired 60% stock of ANTEXIN Technology Co., Ltd in 2021. ATX focuses on intelligent audio field, especially the R&D of TWS+ANC products and intelligent wearable products with global vision; we cooperate with BES and other manufacturers deeply and dedicated to become the mainstream supplier of global wireless intelligent terminal products.