MIM Process
  • Firstly advantage: full freedom of design

    MIM technology can build more complex parts compared to other metal forming methods. Basically, all structures are achievable by injection molds can be applied to MIM.

  • Second advantage: more choices of material

    Most of metal materials are functional in MIM, however, from economic perspective, applied materials mainly covers the iron-based, nickel, copper, titanium metal or alloy.

  • Third advantage: excellent physical and chemical properties

    MIM physicochemical performance is also terrific because sintering density is highly close to the theoretical. For example, mechanical strength is significantly beyond traditional powder metallurgy.

  • Fourth advantage: delicate appearance

    The surface roughness of MIM sintering green parts (Ra) can achieve 1μm. It can be obtained dazzling appearance by various surface treatments.

  • Fifth advantage: excellent dimensional accuracy

    Generally, MIM can achieve accuracy tolerances ±0.5%. It can obtain an even higher dimensional accuracy once MIM works with other processing methods.

  • Sixth advantage: powerful and flexible production capacity

    MIM can be adjusted flexibly and it can also rapidly improve the yield, which varies from hundreds a day to hundreds of thousands a day.

  • Seventh advantage: environmental friendly philosophy

    The Utility of raw material used in MIM is close to 100%, which is a type of net forming technology, and can effectively avoid the waste of materials.