• Capability Overview
    Capability Overview

    Molds design and manufacturing are one of the core technologies and competences. We believe this competence contributes the most for that we can produce high quality MIM parts in a low cost. We have sufficient capacity to handle design modifications and meet customers’ urgent requirements. We are able to accomplish molds design and to make sure providing new molds for 120 sets of new products each month as we equip with advanced tools and experienced technicians.

  • Processing

    Gian has high-end precise welding molds, accessories and measure manufacturing technology. We promote fabrication speed and accuracy by investing latest equipment and technology.

    Here are some processing equipment and competence:

    (1)High speed CNC milling machine from Europe and Japan for cutting copper and graphite electrodes

    (2)Hard mold technology for constructing mold process in a short time.

    (3)Adopt the most accurate modern metal wire and sinking type electric spark technology.

    (4)Mold unified processing system for fast and accurate transforming machine.

    (5)Tool deviation prediction system for eliminating machine structure error.

    (6)Scanning head detection device for detecting mold cavity and electrode.

    (7)Precision grinding technology by environment controlling temperature.

  • Pre- sale technology
    Pre- sale technology

    Gian mold technology is leaded by a trained design and engineering team, and this team can make your ideas come true. Our strictly managed engineers are familiar with production, injection molds, fixture and measure instruments. We utilize 3D software, such as ProEngineer and SolidWorks. We offer one stop design services, which includes industry design, FEA, 3D process analysis, mold flow analysis, etc.

    Gian’s professional marketing team services in various regions and set up service agencies in Asia and North America.